“Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it."

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

Intellectual Assets

Unidentified Assets. The tangible assets of many closely held businesses represent less than 20% of enterprise value, and do not contribute significantly to enterprise value. Many intangible assets are unidentified from an accounting or valuation standpoint.  The identification, management, exploitation and protection of existing unidentified assets remains an underutilized strategy for many closely held businesses. This may be detrimental when entering into various types of business transformations. Catapult can contribute to company strategy (and value) by evaluating contracts, relationships (customer, distributor), information, lists, software, and policies & procedures in this context.

Intellectual Property. Identified intangibles include goodwill, as well as a class of property that is protected by law from unauthorized exploitation. Called intellectual property, this class of intangibles includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade-secrets, and know-how. Catapult contributes to the generation, maintenance and exploitation of intellectual property through a defined, flexible approach. 


Every closely held small business undergoes a series of transformations, each with its own set of issues both corporate and personal to the founders. Catapult is not unique in this respect, but we have identified such transformations and built frameworks to help address the opportunities and pitfalls. These include: founder’s issues, resource acquisition, policy & procedure development, build-buy decisions, growth, competition, and external development negotiations. Catapult is well suited to develop high-level, and practical implementation strategies to mitigate uncertainties, reduce risk, and build value.


The product development process can be thought of as two distinct methodologies, the front end and development. The front end is messy, uncertain, risky. There is a significant amount of learning at the front end that requires organizational agility.   While not so definitive as a stage-gate process in the later development stage, progress can be measured.  Embracing the uncertainty and personality of this early stage of product development can yield new assets that drive significant value.   Catapult is well positioned to implement our front-end framework within a closely held business.

Authorized U.S. Representative

For a closely held business with a base of operations outside North America, entering the U.S. market can be a daunting prospect. For certain technologies Catapult may agree to take on the role of soft launching the product or service.  Catapult is well positioned to assist with an international expansion into the U.S. for life science inflected technologies. Contact us for an evaluation.

An example of the technology-intensive offerings Catapult will take on is Epitopic GmbH. Founded in 2016, Epitopic is the result of a collaboration between PolyQuant GmbH and Frauenhofer IZI, the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology. Epitopic provides epitope mapping and antibody fingerprinting services to academic and industrial life science organizations.

Highlighted Experience

Catapult's Principal has been a practicing US Patent Agent (Reg No. 51,141) for over 15 years.  Ethically drafting well over twenty patents, a number granting, some supporting Series A financings.   


Life Science Patents. Technology spaces include for example combinatorial chemistry, HLA-based immunotherapies, antibody generation and optimization, active and passive vaccines, combination therapies, stem cell activation, skin penetration, genetically modified probiotics. These technologies underlay consumer products, autoimmune diseases therapies, vaccines, gut health treatments and others.  

Software Inflected Patents.  Technology spaces include for example innovation management, generation of enterprise valuation evidence, and EMR. These technologies underlay enterprise productivity services, defensible business valuations, and hospital patient care products.