Catapult has a reputation for being thorough, fair, and timely.  We have a clear vision of the importance of integrating case-specific factors, financial forensics, statute & case law when developing opinions. We have privately earned knowledge in the unique circumstances of pre-revenue to growth-stage closely-held companies. As a blend of practical and theoretical expert, Catapult's Principal is qualified in a wide variety of cases by skills, knowledge, experience, education and training to play a consulting role, or as a testifying expert.



Commercial Litigation

  • Economic Damages

  • Lost Profits

  • Diminution of Value

  • Business Valuation

  • Fraud

Matrimonial Litigation

  • Identification of Assets and Income Streams

  • Valuation of Assets and Income Streams

  • Business Valuation

  • Fraud

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In support of our offerings, please browse our free resources, some more detail on valuation and advisory, as well as the qualifications of our Founder.   

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