Catapult has a reputation for being thorough, and for having an ability to stay close to case-specific factors when providing valuation or advisory services whether for tax, litigation, or transactional purposes. We specialize in the unique circumstances of your pre-revenue to growth-stage company. Please find our offerings below. 

Business Valuation

  • Purposes

    • Tax (409a)

    • Transaction

    • Litigation

  • Specializations

    • Technology-driven

    • Emerging to Growth

    • Privately Held

    • Intellectual Property


  • Fraud Risk Identification

    • Opportunities to commit fraud

  • Fraud Prevention

    • Internal Controls

    • Carrot & Stick

  • Fraud Detection

    • Identification of Red Flags

    • Targeted Risk Assessment

  • Response to Fraud

    • Competing Hypotheses

    • Storyline grounded in evidence

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In support of our offerings, please browse our free resources, discover more detail on valuation and advisory, as well as the qualifications of our Founder.   

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